Testimonies From Walton County Seniors

“A year ago I suffered Bursitis in my hip. It is gone”  ~Peggy Fulmer (80) “This class keeps me going. I have new friends and fitness”  ~Ruth  Hudson (90) “I have lost 30 pounds” ~Maggie Wilbanks (63) “My bone density tests have reversed” ~Penny Thompson “My doctor said this program helped save my life. It helped me keep my    blood moving when I had a blood clot, Thank you” ~Karen Young (65) “My doctor says Senior Fitness is putting her out of business” ~Kay  Dunams (77) “I dropped so much weight, I will have to wear padding the next time I  play Santa Claus.” ~Joe Farris (82) (The real Santa for St. Jude’s  Hospital for 51 years straight) “This program has given me a new lease on life. It got me into a “fit”  condition, and I continually progress” ~Carol Hendrickson (73) “I look forward to each class, not only for physical benefits, but for the  camaraderie also” ~Sarah Saucier (71) “I love Senior Fitness. I have lowered my blood pressure and move a lot  better” ~Joyce  Stewart “I have become more flexible, and really enjoy the social aspect of the  class” ~Emily  Cook (74) “The Senior Fitness program has meant the world to me. It has  improved my health,  motion, and attitude. I have made life long  friendships with others” ~  Mary Dolphyn (71) “The Senior Fitness class has helped my back, and I have been able to  put off back surgery. Love the class.” ~Jean Gasaway (80) “Senior Fitness is a wonderful program. I appreciate the advantage it  gives seniors to  exercise, make new friends, and socialize. We are  truly in better health than our parents  were, and in as good a health as  our children.” ~ Robbie Moon (62) “I have congestive heart failure, and the aerobics class has helped me  to exercise my  heart and give me energy” ~JoAnne Bowers (65)   “This class is great! It has helped me feel healthier and get toned up.  More importantly, I have made some wonderful friends.” ~ Marla Mize  (63) “Senior Fitness class has been a lifesaver for me after my husband died.  It gave me a  place to go socialize, and most of all improve my health” ~Danice Walsh (76) “Wonderful class. I am happier and healthier. My cholesterol is down,  and I have more energy. The fellowship is important. Great to connect  and talk to others in the group.” ~Linda White (57) “Senior Fitness is a great program. It has helped me control my diabetes  and weight. Not  only has it helped me healthwise, but also socially. I  am stronger and healthier for coming. Also, we have a great instructor.  Just love the program.” ~Chris Armstrong (74)
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