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Various factors are involved in optimizing an individual’s fitness level and health prospects. One essential ingredient, of course, is the performance of regular physical exercise. For persons who have remained physically active throughout life, the outlook for enjoying a healthy and vital old age is especially promising. However, increasing the physical activity of sedentary older adults also produces dramatic positive results. Walton County Senior Fitness program has not only provided our senior citizens with a good quality physical fitness program that is designed with their health and safety in mind, but provides a way for them to socialize too. We also provide literature on healthy ideas, recipes, and a monthly calendar. I hold certifications in this area with IFA and the American Senior Fitness Assoc., and have created a fun and safe workout that does not require quick changes or difficulty, and can be adapted to different age levels. There is no charge, which makes it easy on a senior’s fixed income. They are more likely to stick to the program, and gain the rewards of a healthier lifestyle. These seniors range in age from 50-91. They are all working out at their own level of abilities whether they are standing or seated. The program stresses nutrition and healthy eating habits, provides 30 minutes of Cardio (consisting of simple dance moves and aerobics) and 30 minutes of weight bearing exercise, and/or chair exercises, and stretching.   It is a great chance to meet new friends and socialize with others. Everyone has a good time, and exercise becomes a fun thing to do. By 2020 the elderly segment of our American population will exceed seven million. Senior Fitness programs are very much in demand and needed. Walton County has a very active and unique recreation program for our senior population, and many senior citizens are taking advantage of the benefits. Our program works hand in hand with the Walton Wellness program, local Senior Centers, Assisted Living, and hospitals. We have received donations from Community Grants and local businesses. Many are seeing results in lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Their self-confidence gets a boost, and some are sleeping better too. Brain function, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance all improve, not to mention weight loss. Our Senior citizens in Walton County have an opportunity to improve their health and live very happy active lives. Walton County Parks & Recreation is proud of this program and it’s contribution to the health and well being of our senior citizens. Valerie Urmetz

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